What’s Happening in 2023?

What’s Happening?

**Update: January 2023: From everyone here at SLRradio, we wish you a Happy New Year. SLRradio is a London-based community radio station. In 2023, continue to listen to SLRradio for more of your favourite songs, chat, and Reggae events.

**Update: June-July 2022: Just saying hi, we are still around. Hope you all are safe and well. As they say no news is good news.

**Update: July-October 2021: Everything irie round here, carry on listening. Until then we will update you further.

**Update: July-September 2021 Still looking for a rave near you? You could explore more here if your community events is one of them by checking out their website.

The announcement of the reopening commenced with the Prime Minister’s acceptance that big events including Reggae events may resume on the date of 19 July 2021, with Covid separation and forced face masks being eased down, while we air on the cautioned that “the pandemic is not ended. How would it work for events, will you still be wearing a face covering? The the saga continues. Hope to see you in a local event soooooon. God bless us all.

**Update: June-July 2021 Everything is bless around here. We are on the case to make everything sound crystal clear again. Bigger and better than before.**

Many have been asking where are my favourite DJ’s that i have been listening to for so long? I tuned into SLR Radio and i hear interference and/or no SLR Djs.

Well rest assured, SLR haven’t gone anywhere. We have just been trying to clear the dust off and maybe a few cob webs that have been building up. And maybe we accidentally knocked a few cables along the way. So our engineer are on the case to fully correct it for your listening pleasure. Also our presenters are eager to resume VERY soon in the next coming days!

Keep checking back on us or continue listening from our website (some Djs are still presenting live online), if you don’t here a local SLR DJ’s then enjoy Jamaica radio right here for now by Clicking on the Play symbol in the Green Bar below. Thank from SLR radio Team.

Update April 2021
Condolences to our fellow presenters that we have lost recently and to all those that has lost a loved one in these troubled times, we like to say from SLR Radio team may we offer our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May your loved one soul be at peace with our Heavenly Father.

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