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How do I contact Slr?

Use this button for any contacts ie Advertising, website problems or general enquiry Contact us ‘click’

How do I control the audio volume?

The station output is set to one level, if you would like to adjust the sound you must use your computers volume or mobile device to control the output.

Are you the real SLR?

That is a very good question. We have changed from SLRradio.com to SLRradio.co.uk with the same Djs and presenters.

Where is SLR radio 97.7fm?

SLR Radio 97.7 fm was so yesterday, we have moved with the times and so to go forward we are a fully online London based internet radio station in the heart of the big capital of London UK.

Why do i keep hearing an echo on the website?

This could be possible if you have more than one browser or tabs open with SLR. Either close one of those tabs or click on the ‘Red’ audio button to turn off one of the live stream.

Is SLRradio.co.uk in the UK or Jamaica way?

SLR is a London based community internet station from the heart of London, England. But we do link up with our friends in Jamaica way daily at different times, do check our schedule or Dj line-up as well as Irie fm in Jamaica way. Dj Line-up ‘click’

Contact us ‘click’

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Studio number 07984931588