Events Open? Don’t Panic, Just Take Precautions

Events Open? Don’t Panic, Just Take Precautions

The community network, listeners, and staff have been checking if the events will be open as usual over the weekend.

Please keep checking out our partners for updates and news from our great team after today.

We would like to keep everyone frequently updated from today, please start monitoring our website or from our great partners >>here<<

Please keep safe and wash your hands more than normal, adhere to social distancing advice.

From SLR Team.

Update: April 2021
The initial deadline for withdrawing all existing restrictions on social contact should be 21 June 2021. Nightclubs, indoor events should also reopen on this day, and limits on attendees at major events and concerts should be lifted, fingers crossed.
This stage will also help determine if all restrictions on weddings and other aspects of life should be withdrawn.
The public has now had a better sense of when regulations will be relaxed in the upcoming weeks and, most importantly, that companies will be given at least 7-10days notice if the schedule is reversed. Nightclubs, for example, would be able to reopen if all works out smoothly.

If all goes according to plan, bars and nightspots should return for maybe the 1st time in more than a year by the end of June 2021, which should be a huge relief for desperate promoters. And will all could go back to some type of normal raving to those go old tunes in a town near you.

Update: August 2021Clubs and bars are ready and open from 19 July 2021 according to Boris Johnson’s decision on July 12 that the complete list of Covid limitations could be withdrawn in the Uk.

Visitors may see if one of the local small venues in your town is one of them by looking at this website here.

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