New SLR Player – DJ’s Shout-Out and Comments

DJ’s Shout out and comments – Welcome to SLR

Pleased to announce a new SLR Radio player button from 18 Aug 2019. It will be found on the home page if you scroll down. Auto play only on a computer, for mobile use will have to click on the player.

Greetings fellow listeners, Dj’s

All approved comments and shout-outs will appear in the comments section below. Please keep it clean, no spam, advertising or religious and non political. Remember all comments may take a few days to be approved and to show up here on this page.

Just a quick note: If you would like the DJ who is presently on the radio to play a certain track or rewind or shout out instantly. Then your best bet is to call or text the studio direct on the usual number of 07984 931 588.


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12 thoughts on “New SLR Player – DJ’s Shout-Out and Comments

  1. Message for:DJ One Mikey Dread
    Heavy selection, full of love, you are my King, I love you. Denise, São Paulo from Brasil

  2. Subject: Jamaican herbalist that spoke this morning (Jun 24 at 12:49 AM)

    Please email name of the herbalist that spoke this morning – I think he’s s Rasta. I would like to find out if he has a web site and written any books

    Thanks. Jackie

  3. Message for Mr J (May 22 at 10:49 PM moderated by SLR Staff)

    Hi my names Pearl, and i really enjoy listening to your show on a Sunday, i love those old tunes, keep up the good work. Can you give me a shout out when your on, once again the names Pearl from White Hart Lane.

  4. Hi Mikey Ringo,
    that was a great show this afternoon (23 April), thank you very much !!!
    Could you please tell me the artist/title of the tune you played today in the classics section,
    it goes something like “let it go”, around 5.35h, just before “worries” by suga (?)

    Many thanks,
    Keep up your good work,
    chrissie, london

  5. Subject: SLR CREW(Old message Jan 7 at 10:46 PM)

    Message Body:
    ANDY GARDINER Peace & Love and Respect SLR Crew. Bless up to Stay Green Promotion MIKEY FL USA. Yes Mr DJ so mi like fi hear dem. Nuff Respect!!!

  6. Please, please help us. You guys keep playing a lovely lovers reggae tune with the lyrics “you are the only one for me” It also played in one of your jingle… What is the name of the song. Unable to find it on you tube!!! Went to a party and DJ states it’s “Here I am” Karina Schloss, but still unable to locate on you tube. Please Help Us 😊

  7. Mr J,

    You have made my Sundays’! I enjoy your Sunday afternoon shows, especially when you play with your other half (the dynamic duo)!, Selector G. Keep up the good work!

    However, I must also stress how sad I was to hear of our, and another community icon, the Legenery Mickey Stay Green, may rest in peace!
    I am positive that his funeral will be one to remember for years to come God bless!


  8. Hi mate, please give a shout out to my parents Theresa and Ian, listening all the way from Winchester.

    Much love x

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