The Amazing Hitman ‘Send Off’

the amazing hitman slrFirstly we would like to extend or deepest condolences to the Anderson family in these difficult times from the SLR family.

The man, The Amazing Hitman has musically entertained us all in the last decades and with his many tag lines ‘6 foot 1 and size 11’ and many more. Also as a fellow Dj on SLR Radio with his great service to reggae music he entertained us through the radio, in our cars, house and on the road. And now with the rise of internet radio he has touched people overseas around the Caribbean to Europe.

Many friends, listeners, Dj’s and celebrities had paid and showed their love and respect for Hitman.

The Amazing Hitman ‘Send Off Arrangement’

Was held on the 19th November 2015 – We salute you – Thank you for entertaining us.

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2 thoughts on “The Amazing Hitman ‘Send Off’

  1. R.I.P hitman I know you through you entertaining us through the years. Maybyour family fund peace in knowing that your family is extent as we grow together in the industry. Sleep well. Charmaine Clarke of Assetian Promotions.

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